Over the past 5 years, Summit HVAC has installed hundreds of HVAC units for residential and commercial customers in Las Vegas. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning units need regular and proper maintenance to run efficiently. The average life of your HVAC system is 10-20 years, so in some cases, it is a better idea to replace it with a brand new unit to make sure your home or business is running at the most efficient level. Plus, new technology has made the new systems more effective and energy efficient! So, if you own a home or business, installing a new unit could drive down your energy costs and create a more comfortable environment for everyone there. If you have an outdated unit that is constantly causing problems or if you want to lower your energy bill and   optimize your systems effectiveness, fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options. For more information please call 702-818-0284

Air Conditioning 

Residents and business owners need properly running air conditioning units to keep the people inside comfortable. Outdated air conditioning systems eventually break and need to be replaced. Summit HVAC offers replacement of old air conditioning systems with brand new, top of the line units at a great price! As you know, living in Las Vegas can get very HOT! Our goal is to make sure that you have a system that is easy to use, works great, and doesn't break the bank! Count on Summit HVAC for the peak of quality service when it comes to all of your air conditioning needs! Fill out the form below for a free consultation, or for immediate assistance call 702-818-0284


The winters of Las Vegas can get cold and having a quality heating system is imperative to a warm and comfortable winter. We have installed and repaired heating systems both residentially and commercially for the past 5 years. It is very important to have the heat evenly circulated and distributed throughout your home or business and our expert services will ensure a system that is efficient and effective. Fill out the form below for a free consultation, or for immediate assistance call 702-818-0284

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers, otherwise known as "Swamp Coolers", and central air conditioners both perform the same function, but the way they operate is very different. Swamp Coolers circulate water through a cooling pad while attracting air to the surface of the pad. Hot air then intakes moisture from the pad reducing the temperature of the air that is released from the unit and into your house.    

  Swamp Coolers reduce the risk of air quality by producing fresh air for your system.The biggest of an evaporative cooler is that it costs much less to operate than a traditional a/c unit. If you want to save money on your electric bill and still get the same great benefits of cooling your home, fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options. Or for immediate assistance, call 702-818-0284



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  •   OK let me start out by telling you that my AC went out just as the temperature was rising so I called around 10 different AC companies brought them out to get estimates it was a fiasco to say the least....... That day I had forgotten that at my place of employment we use this company so naturally I gave them a call they came out and I want to tell you they were the only ones that offered portable ACs until they replaced our unit that was amazing....... Tim went out and bought two brand new portable AC units and install them and we didn't get our AC replaced for a month later due to scheduling issues on our part...... Sean made sure that everything went smooth they came it was an all day job very efficient extremely polite I could not recommend this company more absolutely amazing that there's still people that work out there with a good work ethic and not trying to rip you off.......... And I want to add that they were the best price out of everybody coincidentally........ so there you have it folks if you want good work best price and great customer service with people who really care call them don't mess around...... tell them I sent you as for Sean

    thumb Laura S.
  •   These guys truly went above and beyond for us! Moving into an apartment with a leaking, outdated A/C unit in the peak of the summer heat was a nightmare. Your team handled our situation so professionally and QUICK. Sean was also very knowledgeable and obviously very experienced- as we had multiple opinions before that didn't seem as clear on explaining the issues at hand, so that we can let out property manager know and expedite the process. Again, THANK YOU to you and your team!

    thumb Justine R.
  •   Great company, people, and service! We use them on our commercial property for a 200+ unit property. They are always on time and ready to help with not just fixing the units but also with information and education. They stand by their product and the customer service is AMAZING. We will be adding them to our residential property portfolio as well and look forward to a long working relationship.

    thumb LiTa G.