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Residential HVAC Repair in Las Vegas

Is your A/C or heater acting up? Maybe your electricity bill is on the rise and you don’t know why? Your HVAC unit might be in need of repair! Summit A/C & Heating is the leading HVAC repair company in Greater Las Vegas. Our team can diagnose the issue quickly and make repairs same-day!* Call today to schedule your HVAC repair with Las Vegas’ #1 HVAC company.

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Our team is dedicated to being your reliable HVAC company all-year-round! When it comes to A/C or heater repairs, we guarantee you won’t find a better team to get your HVAC unit back to working like-new. We understand the importance of having an HVAC unit that works properly, which is why we respond quickly to calls, get you scheduled same day if possible, and make repairs that will last! If you are located in the Greater Las Vegas region, contact Summit A/C & Heating for HVAC repairs for your residential unit!




When working with SUMMIT the process is simple. Our technicians are efficient when it comes to diagnosing your HVAC issue and offering you multiple solutions for repairs. Unlike other heating and A/C companies in Las Vegas, we make sure to offer multiple repair options if possible. We understand that HVAC repairs can be costly which is why we try our best to keep costs down without degrading the quality of work we provide. Our #1 goal is to provide reliable, consistent A/C & Heating repairs to all of our customers. You can count on us to NEVER oversell our products or services.


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How do I know if I need an HVAC repair vs a replacement?

Your HVAC technician will run diagnostics to decipher whether repairs can be made or if you need an entirely new HVAC unit for your home.

What are the most common issues with HVAC units?

The most common issues A/C units have are weak capacitors and overheating motors.  The majority of issues with A/C units are electrical.

How often should I have my A/C unit serviced?

Annual or biannual maintenance can help reduce the number of repairs your HVAC unit needs over time.

How long do standard repairs take?

Standard repairs usually take between 1-4 hours. This is all dependent on the size of the unit, the damage to the unit, where the issue resides within the HVAC system, etc. Once we assess the issue, our technicians can give a more precise timeline for the actual repair.


What is the benefit of working with the same HVAC company for all of my A/C and heater repairs?

Working with the same team guarantees that there is a record of every service completed on your HVAC unit. We strongly recommend working with the same team and even same technician if possible!


Don’t ignore HVAC issues! If you suspect that your HVAC unit needs repair, call our team immediately. Avoiding A/C and heater repairs can be a costly mistake we have seen too many people make. Our technicians can diagnose the issue quickly and make same-day repairs.* We are dedicated to providing high-quality HVAC repairs to residents in the Greater Las Vegas region at an affordable rate! We understand the importance of having a working HVAC unit which is why we work diligently to make repairs and avoid new installations when we can!