Did you know that the volume of copper theft committed is intrinsically tied to the state of the economy? Copper theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. In the current financial climate, some are turning to this form of crime which consequently increases the theft of air conditioning units.

Air conditioners are frequently targeted, with thieves seeking to sell the equipment as well as the copper pipework connected to it. An air conditioner (AC) and its associated pipework can contain significant amounts of copper, making it valuable to would-be thieves looking to profit. If thieves do strike, owners are hit with the costs of replacing the equipment and the refrigerant, in addition to the considerable disruption caused to their premises or business.

So how can you protect your AC units from theft and damage?

Security Cages

This is the most obvious solution and it can be an extremely effective one. Many companies offer a range of high-strength steel security cages which provide a powerful physical deterrent. If thieves attempt to remove the cage, the noise caused and extra time taken to remove it should make potential villains think twice. Security cages can be fitted to the system itself or simply installed around it. They provide a sturdy and cost-effective protection against theft and vandalism.

Pipework Damage Protection

The pipework used in AC units is often made of copper and therefore proves an attractive target for thieves. Quality installers will advise on safe methods of routing pipework to help deter unwanted attention. Making sure pipework is out of sight or out of reach is often enough to ensure that a system remains damage- and theft-free.

Sometimes exposed pipework is unavoidable. In this case, the fitting of steel pipework protection covers provides an additional layer of security around the valuable copper, making the prospect of stealing the pipework much less attractive.

And If The Worst Happens…

Some businesses are completely reliant on air conditioning, as it is essential to the service they provide, or the product they produce. For instance, data centres cannot function without a suitable climate control system, as the servers will quickly overheat and fail with potentially catastrophic data loss.

In addition to installing physical protection, experts in AC repair can also provide emergency support in your time of need, with the best offering short term repairs often integrated with long term replacement solutions, reducing the impact that theft and damage might otherwise have on you and your business.